Julien Wilson


Upright Trio

Julien Wilson’s Upright Trio features

Philip Rex on bass and
Danny Fischer on drums.

The band exists for concerts where the requirement is more “mainstream, swinging jazz” than Julien’s regular trio. Julien, Phil & Danny performed together at the opening gig of Julien’s residency at Fitzroy’s “Cape Lounge in 2002 just after Julien returned from living in New York. During his three year residency at The Cape Lounge Julien utilised many different musicians and line-ups, often having special guests and out-of-towners drop in (including Hugh Masekala, Tony Buck & Robert Hurst) but The Upright Trio with Phil & Danny was a regular event. They are a hard swinging unit that know how to dig deep in to the tradition, but can also be open-ended and creative. The Upright Trio have worked with guests including Stephen Magnusson, Jamie Oehlers, Dave Ades & Barry Duggan.

Their recent performance with US saxophonist James Carter was a highlight of the 2013 Melbourne International Jazz Festival and was recorded by ABC Classic FM.