The time is ripe for the Autonomous Resilience Collective.

ARC was launched at the start of 2017 to celebrate music associated with resistance, revolution and struggle. Their impassioned debut was presented by the Melbourne Jazz Co-op and received by an enthusiastic audience during the last weekend of Melbourne’s premier jazz club, Bennetts Lane, just weeks after the US inauguration.

ARC is inspired and informed by the desire to stand up and be counted in the face of the current political climate of brutal adversity and destructive greed. 

ARC has no core members but aims to offer a unified channelling of the bonds of conscientious resistance to unchecked power, while simultaneously providing an uplifting balm for weary souls. 

ARC looks to global themes of resistance , revolution and struggle for inspiration, while striving to overcome the despair caused by aggression and greed, and replace them with a myriad of connected moments of beauty, strength and hope. 

ARC is not AlternativeFacts
ARC IS as real as it gets
ARC is not New World Order
ARC IS universal
ARC is not FakeNews
ARC IS good news
ARC is not PostTruth
ARC IS post-haste
ARC is not psychotic
ARC IS passionate
ARC is not fanatical 
ARC IS spiritual 
ARC is not fundamentalist
ARC DOES have faith
ARC does not discriminate
ARC IS discerning
ARC is not bitter
ARC IS tart
ARC is not shallow
ARC STRIVES for beauty
ARC is not intellectual
ARC IS tension AND release

ARC’s first concert featured NY based British saxophonist Will Vinson, NY based drummer Rajiv Jayaweera, along with a selection of Melbourne’s finest improvisors, percussionist Javier Fredes, guitarist Craig Fermanis, electric bassist Chris Hale and pianist Sam Keevers. 

The second convening, on the eve of Australia’s contentious national holiday, known to some as Survival Day, featured Barney McAll on piano and bulbul tarang, Sam Anning on bass, Leigh Fisher on drums and Javier Fredes on percussion, along with a selection of Melbourne’s finest in the DeclamatoryHorns

Read the latest interview with Nikos Fotakis about ARC’s Survival Day eve show at