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DEVRES @ Cross St for Lebowskis with COUNTTOTEN

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  • Price: $10/5 cash only
  • Date: Sun, Feb 24, 2019
  • Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Venue: Moreland City Band Hall (behind Bruswick Bowling Club)
  • Location: Cross St, Bruswick
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Very excited about this new electroacoustic project, a duo with myself and trumpeter Reuben Lewis, both employing electronic manipulation of our acoustic instruments. Grateful to Lebowskis and their DEV(elopment) RES(idency) program for giving us the chance to perform three shows over the next 5 months.

Reuben Lewis – Trumpet/effects Julien Wilson – Sax/clarinet/effects

Reuben Lewis & Julien Wilson are both creative bandleaders and composers of some local renown/notoriety who embrace improvisation and unconventional instrumentation as integral elements of their creative process. Tonal manipulation and textural exploration of their acoustic instruments is essential to their individual styles, so logically an interest in employing electronic manipulation of the acoustic sounds has always existed as a natural extension. Over the last 18 months they have independently developed what amounts to more than a passing interest in electronics and have individually amassed a felonious collection of boutique effects pedals. This obsession has manifested itself most rigorously with their own groups, I Hold The Lion’s Paw and BforChicken.

At the start of 2019 Reuben & Julien resolved to form an electroacoustic project focussing on exploring new soundscapes. The title of the project refers to a mysterious pedal they both use called CountToFive.
The RESDEV concerts will be employed as a tonelab to investigate the textural, melodic, harmonic and rhythmic possibilities inherent in just two horns and effects. The duo format of horns+FX represents a unique project and one we’re intensely passionate about. All three performances will be recorded to gather source material to be further manipulated.
The textures can span from ambient warmth through glitchy digital soundscapes to industrial music concrete. This is not just an ECM horn drenched in reverb or a reboot of your 70s funk horn solo with an octave and wah pedal. Reub & Jules are driven to explore and create new sonic worlds.
Since both instruments use open microphones rather than pickups to transfer the analog source to the digital devices, we’ll be utilising RESDEV to investigate different amplification/sound reinforcement options over the course of the residency to maintain the greatest integrity/clarity from each contributor. Of course, some crossover/bleeding/pollution/influence/ interference is part of the journey.
The chance to explore and map the creative development of this project in a public space enables us to learn through performance and distill and refine our process. Conceptual pieces will be prepared in between each event and reworked for the following ones. Listeners can expect soundworlds both refreshing and bracing.

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