Julien Wilson



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  • Price: $30/35
  • Date: Tue, Jun 04, 2019
  • Time: 7:30 pm - 8:45 pm
  • Venue: Darebin Arts Centre
  • Location: Cnr Bell St & St Georges Rd, Preston
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What happens when a group of 20+ musicians take centuries-old Yiddish songs, infuses them with a little 1930s big-band sound, 1960s free jazz, a hint 1970s funk, a sprinkling of 21st century electronica, and a nod to sweet indie-folk pop?

YID!, a project founder and acclaimed jazz musician/composer Simon Starr describes as ‘a Funkadelic style, John Zorn style, Talking Heads style Yiddish big band’.

This genre-bending mesmerising ensemble giant has to be seen to be believed.

Josh Abrahams

Alex Burkoy

Lachlan Davidson

Husky Gawenda

Ben Gillespie

Steven Grant

Tony Hicks

Tomi Kalinski

Spike Levy

Reuben Lewis

Eamon McNeils

Jordan Murray

Gideon Preiss

Niko Schauble

Adam Starr

Simon Starr

Ariel Valent

Julien Wilson

Alma Zygier

Hettie Zygier

Willy Zygier

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