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Organisations Melbourne Jazz Co-operative Support your local music community: Become a member Wangaratta Jazz Festival Always the weekend before the Melbourne Cup (November) Always a fun weekend Ausjazz Blog Australian online jazz reviews and photos by Roger Mitchell Great local resource and info/reviews of latest releases by a collection of Australia’s best jazz writers Avaaz A constant inspiration. Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Have you registered your songs with APRA? Of course you have. Did you know you should also register your recordings with the PPCA to make sure you get paid when your songs get played on the radio or online!?! Support Act Financial support for professional musicians in dire circumstances. These guys saved me a few years ago. Much respect for an amazing organisation. Good to know there is support out there for musicians in trouble.

Equipment D’Addario Julien is a D’Addario artist. I love these guys YAMAHA Australia Julien is a Yamaha Artist and performs on their clarinet and soprano saxophones. Spencer Mouthpieces for Tenor Sax Incredible hand-made silver-plated hand-mixed-brass-alloy tenor sax mouthpieces. I’ve been playing mine since 2002 Theo Wanne Saxophone Mouthpieces Exceptional saxophone mouthpieces and accessories. I’ve had a few now. Currently playing a hard rubber Ambika3 #9 on soprano and tenor. Robertos Woodwinds When in New York…Now also in Mexico… Ed Pillinger Mouthpieces Custom hand-made-to-order clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces. Spectacular workmanship, attention to detail and customer service. I’ve yet to play a clarinet or bass clarinet mouthpiece that I like as much as the ones Ed made for me.

Venues 303 Homeground Advantage – Great local music and beer at 303 High St, Northcote Jazzlab Apparently Voted Best Jazz Club in the Universe UptownJazzCafe Now with air conditioning (in the bar at least). Paris Cat Jazz Club Upmarket Underground (aka downstairs) Melbourne Jazz Bar. Cross St Music Hall @ The Moreland City Band Hall When community counts. The Brunswick Green – Homely vibes