Tongue & Tooth Collective (Tongue Twister)

Tongue & Tooth Collective

Percussionists Juan Carlos Allende and Ray Pereira join Julien Wilson and Brett Williams to present a program of original music based around the rhythms of Cuba and West Africa. 

Allende, Pereira, Wilson and Williams are recognised as leaders in their respective fields. They are accompanied by emerging younger talents Theo Carbo on guitar and Lucky Pereira on drum kit.

This new collective uses a fresh approach to improvisation and groove and present a program of new original music weaving melody and harmony around interlocking and polyrhythmic Bata, Conga and Djembe rhythms.

The band was launched in February 2023 with two sold out Melbourne shows at the Jazzlab and are excited about what the future holds. 

Music for your brain and your feet

Tongue Twister

When Juan Carlos is not available the band perform alternative arrangements of similar material with Sam Anning on bass